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Statement of Intent

Curriculum is at the heart of our thinking at Kenton School. A great deal of consideration goes in to deciding what knowledge and skills we teach our students, the order in which we teach them, and how we teach them in order for students to best retain them over time.

Our broad curriculum has been designed to best equip our young people for the next stages of their lives after leaving Kenton. Our goals are simple: we want all our students to gain excellent qualifications, lead happy, healthy and successful lives and to be positive contributors to the local and global communities.

Our Curriculum Overview document details our curriculum rationale and the student learning experience at Kenton School.

At the Kenton Learning Zone students and parents can access more detailed versions of our learning journeys as well as knowledge organisers which detail the core knowledge to be learnt in each unit.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of our curriculum offer, please contact Mr Noel Stoddart (Director of Curriculum, Northern Leaders Trust).

Curriculum Subjects

Learning Journeys showing the content taught in each year group are available below:

Art – Ceramics
Art – Graphics
Art – Photography
Art – Textiles
Computer Science
Design Technology
Drama and Performing Arts
Physical Education
Religious Education
Business Studies
Media Studies
Health and Social Care
Child Development

Our Key Stage 4 offer is detailed in our 9 to 10 options booklet

Our Post-16 offer is detailed in our Sixth Form Prospectus


At Kenton School we recognise the value that homework brings to the progress of our students. In Key Stage 3, and in every subject, students can pick from 4 differentiated projects related to what they have studied that Half Term, including an Above and Beyond Task. The Above and Beyond Task is a special experience or project that challenges students and allows them to explore areas of interest. Hand in dates are included in the booklet and students are rewarded for creative examples of homework produced.

Year 7 Homework Tasks

Year 8 Homework Tasks

Year 9 Homework Tasks

Equality of Access

Kenton School is committed to the principle that every member of the school community is entitled to equal opportunities and treatment, irrespective of ethnic or national origin, race, gender, physical disability, sexual orientation, social background or religion and this is reflected in our curriculum offer.  You can find more details of our position on Equality and Diversity on this link.

Equality Act 2010

Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014