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Pupil Premium

Since 2011 the government has provided all schools with additional funding called ‘Pupil Premium’ to help close the gaps in academic results and progress over time, between those who are identified as having disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. The ‘disadvantaged’ definition includes children in receipt of free school meals in the last six years, ‘looked after children’, adopted children and children whose parents are in the Armed Forces.

There is a significant national gap between the progress, attendance and behaviour of those pupils considered to be disadvantaged and their non-disadvantaged peers.

The school has a detailed Pupil Premium Action Plan which is monitored by the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body on a termly basis. The PP Link Governor is Ms Lynne Ackland.

External review of Kenton School's Pupil Premium provision (October 2018).pdf

Pupil Premium Action Plan (2020-2021).pdf

Pupil Premium Expenditure for 2017-18.pdf

Pupil Premium Expenditure Impact Statement for 2017-18.pdf

Pupil Premium review 2019-2020.pdf

Pupil Premium Review of Spend 2015-16.pdf

Pupil Premium Statement 2021-22.pdf

Pupil Premium Statement 22-25.pdf

Pupil Premium Trend Information Report 2013 to 2017.pdf

Review of Pupil Premium expenditure for 2018-19.pdf