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School uniform

Please read the following guidance carefully and, if you are unsure of any aspect, please ring the school and leave a message for your child’s Year Leader.

Kenton School uniform consists of a blazer, white collared shirt (short- or long-sleeved) and tie. The blazer badge and tie colour represent your child’s year group. In addition, school trousers and skirts must be black. Jeans, leggings and jeggings are not acceptable.

Jumpers are optional to be worn on the way to and from school and around the building underneath blazers if students are cold. In lesson time then if a child is too warm then jumpers should be removed and blazers still worn as the blazer is a required part of the uniform. Students can ask for permission from class teachers to remove their blazer in a lesson only after the optional jumper has been removed.

Any uniform issues will result in isolation and we would rather you worked with us to ensure your child has the correct uniform. Please familiarise yourself with the uniform code to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

In particular, please note that shoes (not trainers or sports shoes) must be completely black, with no branding or decoration in other colours. We must also stress that boots are not permitted. The change of school shoe policy occurred as a result of feedback from students about the pressure to wear certain types of “fashionable” shoe. We really appreciate your support when selecting appropriate school shoes for your child.

Hair should be of a natural colour and should be cut in a sensible style. Apart from a stud in each ear and a wristwatch, the wearing of jewellery is not allowed and it will be removed and confiscated. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage of confiscated items. Facial piercings are not allowed for health and safety reasons. False nails of any type are not allowed.

Please see the poster below which clearly shows what uniform is expected. Blazers and ties were introduced after votes by students in the uniform referendum and are core uniform. We need to make it clear, Lycra miniskirts and any other mini-type skirt is not school uniform.

Please see the poster of appropriate school uniform skirt styles, to be clear the length should be no shorter than just at/above the knee.

Students who are not dressed appropriately should expect to be isolated. We would rather work together with parents and students to avoid this.

PE Kit

All pupils are expected to have a polo shirt adorned with the Kenton logo (boys navy blue, girls sapphire blue) navy blue/black shorts, navy blue/black leggings or navy blue/black tracksuit bottoms, navy blue socks and trainers. If a student is not in the correct kit, then they will be issued with a detention.

Where to buy Kenton School uniform

Uniform, including PE kit, is available from Top Class Uniforms shops at either:

Blakelaw Shopping Centre
4 Moulton Place
Newcastle upon Tyne


45 Arlington Avenue
Montague Estate
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Top Class Uniforms website is in the process of being updated to include in-depth size guides for each item to make distanced ordering and sizing easier for all.

This year the following ordering methods will be available:

  • Telephone with an online payment link sent by text during the call
  • Facebook using the private message function; again, an online payment link will be sent during the conversation.
  • Online using TCU website, where they offer both click-and-collect and courier delivery services
  • You are able to buy in store.
Basic Equipment

Please ensure that your child has a school bag and that they have a pencil case containing pens, pencils, a ruler and a scientific calculator, so that they are ready to learn. Your child will be provided with a student planner during their first form time lesson in September.

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