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Remote education

A digital hub for students to access in school and from home.

The Kenton Learning Zone (KLZ) is the new digital hub for students to access in school and from home. Log in with your student email address and password.

You can access the KLZ here.


You can revisit the lessons you have had in class by looking at the resources in the lessons folder. Many of the PowerPoints that have been used in your lessons will have had audio explanations or videos added to them, so you can have another look at something you were interested in or didn’t quite understand the first time you saw it.

Learning journeys

More detailed versions of the learning journeys available here can be found on the KLZ.

Knowledge organisers

Knowledge organisers displaying the essential core knowledge to be learnt in each unit of work are in the subject folders.


Past papers and practice exams are available on the KLZ; these will be important for KS4 and KS5 students preparing for final exams.


Subjects save interesting articles or activities in their Engagement folder. This is great for students who have an interest in a particular subject and want to extend their learning even further than what we study in class.

Reporting concerns

Students can report any concerns they have about school via the KLZ.

Student absence

We encourage all students to attend school every day, but if there is a legitimate reason why a student cannot attend and this has been discussed with Year Leaders, then they will be able to access their learning at the KLZ. To find out what lessons to complete, absent students should consult their class’ Teams page.

Our Remote Learning Provision

Details of our remote learning provision in the event of lockdown or partial closure are included in the Remote Education Provision Information document, the template for which was provided by the Department for Education.

Office 365

Access Microsoft 365 and download the full Office 365 suite by following this link.

The KLZ link at the top of the page is the main area students will work from along side Microsoft Teams.

As well as the KLZ, all Kenton School students have access to full Microsoft 365 allowing them to work anywhere. With this package, students are able to download and install the full Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) on to five devices (PC, Mac, mobile etc.) for free.

This ‘Accessing 365 from Home’ guide will show you how to sign in to Microsoft 365 with your Kenton School account.

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